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Major companies like Google, BCG, Deloitte, etc. hire 80% of their employees through LinkedIn! Are you taking advantage of that?



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HRs from MAJOR companies are sourcing their candidates from LinkedIn searches.🔎

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An optimized LinkedIn profile with the right keywords gets pushed across networks thereby landing MORE people on your profile

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If you have used the right keywords in your profiles, then you will see your weekly profile searches take a hike!

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Recruiters are actively searching for competent talent on LinkedIn and their search can end with you if you have got an optimized profile

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What's the BETA version for?

Glad you asked, our tech team has grown quite confident in their skills and they believe that the LinkedIn optimizer tool has 0 glitches!
But we are quite sure you can take their ego down!
So buckle up for exciting rewards if you could leave any suggestions on how the tool or its interface can be improved!

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Leverage your career through LinkedIn

  • Get hot job prospects straight to your inbox by leveraging your LinkedIn profile to reach infront of active recruiters

  • Keep optimising your profile till you get the top most score

  • Get placed in top search results of your recruiters with In-depth profile optimization


User Feedback

Hundreds of people have already used the LinkedIn optimizer and their responses have been overwhelming to say the least.

But wait! There’s more for you

There are more reasons why you should optimize your profile using this AI-driven LinkedIn optimizer tool.

Quick profile scoring

In less than 30 seconds, get your profile scored from top to bottom and learn everything wrong with your resume

Free to use

The beta version of this premium tool which offers features like complete profile scoring and optimization is absolutely free to use

Optimization suggestions

Tone up your LinkedIn profile with the tool’s optimization suggestions telling you exactly where you need to make the changes

AI-driven solutions

With more than 10000+ LinkedIn profiles fed as training data, the tool suggests optimizations based on AI-driven decisions.

Easy interface

Sleek and simple design to help you traverse the tool easily and without hassle!

Phenomenal growth

Get to a score of 90+ and watch your LinkedIn profile jump with unbelievable growth!

Got Questions?

Contact us, or simply see if the following questions answer your queries

Why should I optimize my LinkedIn profile?

There are millions of job seekers on LinkedIn, out of which, less than 5% actually get placed in their desired jobs on LinkedIn. So when you optimize your LinkedIn profile, you have higher odds of being a part of that top 5%

How to score my LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn optimizer tool?

All you need to do is go to your LinkedIn profile, click on the more button near your profile picture, and click the option of Save to PDF. Once your profile is downloaded in the form of a pdf, just upload the pdf to the LinkedIn optimizer tool scorer. The tool will generate a comprehensive report of the profile along with a score.

How does the scoring help?
  • The scoring will tell you how much you need to change your profile. It will also serve as a benchmark for your profile's optimization so that you'd know if it's good or not.

How to rank high on the LinkedIn search and how can the LinkedIn optimizer tool help me?

For any specific keyword that is searched on LinkedIn, the fetch results depend on a lot of factors but generally, if the keyword search is a keyword that is a prominent part of your LinkedIn profile, then there are good chances that you might rank high.

Can i score or check only my profile?

Not exactly. All you need to score a LinkedIn profile is the pdf version of that profile, and fortunately, LinkedIn allows you to download any random profile. So you can actually check or score the profile of any person your find online.

Is there any risk of information leak associated with this?
  • No, your LinkedIn profile and data are completely safe with us. All you need to do is share your LinkedIn profile's downloaded pdf and all optimization suggestions and scoring will be based on that.

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